IRS Form 990 Preparation and Assessment

Preparation and Assessment

IRS Form 990 Preparation and Assessment

Form 990

Completing IRS Form 990 is no small task. Luckily, the Blackman & Sloop team has significant experience in providing services to the nonprofit industry and, in addition to directly servicing clients, have given presentations on various aspects of nonprofit tax.  Our services include preparation, review, and a final overview of Federal Forms 990, 990T, 990PF, and related state tax returns. We consult with clients on non-cash contributions, lobbying, meeting the 33 1/3% charitable support test, and much more. Your IRS Form 990 should reflect an organization that is lean and efficient— and we can get you there!

When completing a Form 990, it’s important to include the following:

  • How the mission aligns with your organization’s goals and core values
  • Your governance structure and policies
  • The unique characteristics of your organization
  • How you respond to challenges
  • Your impact on the community

Let us assist you in maximizing the marketing potential of you 990!