A Fresh App-roach to Millennial Giving

It’s 2019—there seems to be an app for just about everything! In a recent article published by Fast Company, author Ben Paynter takes a look at Millie, an innovative charity app designed to function like a dating app. Why design it like a dating app? In order to tap into the millennial market.


Rachel Klausner, the founder and CEO of Millie—and a millennial herself—came up with the idea for her app after noticing how much time she spent using various apps herself (and how much money she spent when using them). Her goal was to design a new online ecosystem that would help users to be more proactive in and cognizant of their giving.


The familiar front end looks like this: when users log in, they’re presented with the profiles of three charities—they can tap to learn more or swipe to donate. The back end, however, is more complex. Millie works in partnership with Infinity Benefit Foundation, a nonprofit that gives each user easy access to an individual, low-threshold, donor-advised fund (DAF).


Nonprofits that wish to be included in Millie can apply online—the app currently boasts 45 charitable organizations. The company continues to refine their process, including adjusting their methods of gathering data for metrics and developing methods for responding to users’ in-app behavior. If you’re interested in giving it a try, navigate to the app store and simply search for “Millie.”


For more information, check out Paynter’s article in full at Fast Company.